Hwey Der Industrial Co., Ltd.--Sockets, socket wrench sets, air sockets, air impact socket sets

Hwey Der Industrial Co., Ltd. supplies sockets and air sockets, as well as socket wrench & socket sets and air impact socket sets, mainly for repair and maintenance of cars, trucks and watercrafts.

Ever since founded in 1984 in Taichung City, central Taiwan, Hwey Der has been dedicated to researching and developing various sockets and air sockets for over 30 years as a veteran maker of this kind. Bolstered by its rich know-how in this field, the firm also provides related tools, including socket wrenches, T-shaped socket extensions, etc. to meet customers' requirements.

The firm's products are sought-after by professionals in Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America and Europe.

Adherence to quality contributes to Hwey Der's current achievement in the global market. The maker employs advanced testing instrument in-house, and carries out by-the-book quality control measures throughout production, with all its products being put through their paces to secure unquestionable quality. The firm stresses that its sockets and tools mostly measure up to stringent standards established by EU.

Attractive exterior is among the features of the firm's products. Backed by skilled R&D engineers, the maker is able to build value-added exterior designs in vivid colors into its tools and tool boxes depending on buyers' demand, which helps to make its products truly eye-catching and marketable on customers' product shelves.

More notable is that the supplier's sockets and tools are all made of top-grade materials and go through environmentally friendly surface treatments without using toxic substances, therefore meeting RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances) requirements.

As result of the continuously growing popularity of its products, Hwey Der just expanded its factory by over 3,300 square meters four years ago, in effort to serve more customers with higher capacity and efficiency.

With time-tested manufacturing and R&D capabilities, and expanded production capacity, the firm welcomes contract orders on OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) basis.

Hwey Der’s socket & tool sets are often used to repair and maintain cars, trucks and watercrafts.

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